Belgium Tourism – Top 9 Belgium Tourist Places All Time


Belgium is not only known all over the world for its chocolate is also home to a number of lovely canals and tasty beer. Belgium is also one of those countries where people are very friendly towards the tourists and thus it is in the list of most visited countries of the world. Some of the must visit tourist spots of the country according to Belgium tourism are:

  1. Waterloo: For all the history fans out there, Waterloo is the famous spot where Napoleon was defeated in the famous battle of Waterloo. Waterloo is something which finds an essential spot in every tour itinerary.
  2. Bruges: Belfry & Halle: This building is an impressive example of the middle age architecture. The building was once the main town market hall and it is also one of the most well-preserved sites in the Belgium.
  3. Ghent’s Gravensteen: Once a grand home of the counts of Flanders, this grand fort is a very fine example of the moated fortress. The vast stretched halls and chambers are must visit for anyone who wants to experience the medieval life up close.
  4. Meuse Valley: For anyone who wants to experience the lush country side of Belgium, the Meuse valley is a must visit. The place has river, forest and limestone cliffs which give the place a picture perfect view.
  5. Basilica of the Holy Blood, Bruges: One of the most prized possessions of the Belgium Tourism is this church. The church is said to be the home of a drop of blood of Jesus Christ and is also known for Gothic and Romanesque architecture.
  6. Peter’s Church, Leuven: This church is one of the best-preserved sites to experience the Brabant Gothic architecture which is known for pointed windows and pillars. The church is also home to a museum which holds some of the finest paintings depicting biblical scenes.
  7. Cathedral of Saint Bavo, Ghent: This church which is one of the most beautiful examples of religious architecture in Belgium. The church is known mostly for the famous artwork on its interiors including the famous “The Altar of Ghent”
  8. The Battlefields of Flanders: The battlefields of Flanders highlight the participation of Belgium in World War I. The battlefields run in stretches for some kilometers around the town of Ypres and have become a major pilgrimage site in Belgium.
  9. Grand Place, Antwerp: The grand place of Antwerp is the best place to see some of the best examples of guild house architecture. The town hall, constructed in the 16th century is worth visiting for the collection of paintings depicting Antwerp’s history.

These spots with several others like Mons Old town and Mechelen old town are the pride of Belgium tourism and have been attracting tourists since ages. So no matter if you are an ardent follower of history or and an art lover, Belgium should be on your bucket list.



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