Hungary Tourism: Why It Is The Best Choice For Your Family Vacation On A Budget


The tiny countries of central and eastern Europe rarely get the credit they are due. Hungary tourism is often overlooked on your European checklist, but you can still make it a fun vacation on a budget.

Shopping spree at Budapest

The capital city is teeming with people and shopping zones. While you can still enjoy Budapest for its museums and popular tourist destinations, the local market districts are the major attractions in the city. You can get everything from Alps gear to fast food and a little of local Hungarian handiworks on the side. For tourist attraction, you can find a host of churches and ancient European architecture – some of which date back to the Roman era.

The museums of Eger

It’s like taking a trip down history lanes, Eger opens a lot of possibilities for a fun weekend. The city is littered with museums showcasing artifacts that date back to Saxon Europe and beyond. Castle Eger is the main attraction and you get to climb up Várköz which is a steep cobbled street to reach the massive gates. Lyceum library is the lesser known attraction as per Hungary tourism, but prepare to be spellbound by the 60 thousand tomes that are collected there.

Vineyards in Lake Balaton

The picturesque cyan lake is not the only talking point in Lake Balaton, although it is a major one. The lakeside town is dotted with quality vineyards with well-stocked cellars. For a distinguished taste, you can check out some of the samples and even afford a bottle. The Badacsony region on the lakeside is popular for its quality and long lasting tradition of making fine wine.

Sopron for bicycle tours

If you thought the rest of Europe was photogenic, you are going to find Sopron as the perfect place to go on a bicycle tour and get those cinematic backdrops for your views. From climbing Fire watch tower to riding cross-country past the many meadows and farms, you often get a grand view of the Alps. Explore the ruins of the Roman era or time it right to make it to some of the most exciting festivals (and music festivals) in Europe that they host as Hungary tourism in Sopron.

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Spots to visit when in Pécs

More of a city visit, Pécs is a great vacation for families. You can start off at SzentIstván Square and visit the grand Pécs Cathedral, the Pasha Qasim Mosque, and the Christian Mausoleum with its leftovers from the Roman empire. You can visit the Csontváry Museum for artifacts, and the Gallery of Modern Hungarian Art for a cultural menu.

Fun day trip at Hortobágy National Park

Debrecen is the second largest city in Hungary, and you can still turn it into a modest vacation in a folk rural lifestyle. Hortobágy National Park which is a part of the Alföld is now a world heritage site and invites visitors to engage in the folk lifestyles of rural Hungary. Specific times of the year can see the place flocking with migratory birds, and your experience consists of farm livestock most of the time.

With several heritage sites managed by Hungary tourism, the quaint but lively cities make this an ideal destination for a Europe vacation.



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