Greece is Europe’s top most visited travel destination on account of its beautiful beaches, ancients ruins, islands, delicious cuisine, and nightlife. Greece tourism plays special attention to all the tourists and has opened a number of information centers all over the country where you will get to know the places of interests, where to eat, where to stay etc. Some of the best tourist destinations in Greece are:

1.    Acropolis, Athens: The Acropolis is a rocky mound situated in the heart of the modern Athens and is decorated by three temples which date back to the 5th century. Parthenon is the most famous of these temples, which originally consisted of 58 columns to support a decorated roof.

2.    Santorini: Santorini is one of the most famous Greek islands and is known for two cliff-top towns known as Fira and Oia. Both Fira and Oia are made up of a number of white washed cubic buildings and are a very famous wedding and honeymoon destinations.

3.    Delphi: Delphi is Greece’s second most famous archaeological site. Delhi was once considered as the center of the earth by the ancient Greeks and is dedicated to God Apollo. It is situated just two and a  half hour away from Athens.

4.    Meteora Monasteries: Listed in the UNESCO’ list of world heritage sites, the Meteora monasteries are situated on the top of rocky outcrops. There are six monasteries situated near each other and all six are worth exploring.

5.    Thessaloniki: Another most visited tourist places in Greece is the city of Thessaloniki, which is also the second biggest city in Greece. The city has a number of places to visit but the Roman monuments such as Rotunda and the Byzantine churches are a must visit.

6.    Acropolis Museum, Athens: Opened just 8 years back in 2009, the Acropolis Museum in Athens has become the most visited tourist destination in Athens. The major attractions of the museum are the Parthenon marbles, the caryatids, and the Moschophoros statue.

7.    Cape Sounion: The Cape Sounion is known for the ruins of the ancient Greek temple which was dedicated to Poseidon, the god of the sea in Greek anthology. The remains are situated on a rocky headland which is surrounded on three sides by the sea. Also, the sunset view from the ruins is worth watching.

8.    Mykonos: Mykonos is a glamorous island destination in Greece of which the Greece tourism is very proud of. Mykonos is known for its nightlife which includes world-class seafood restaurants and lives music. There is a famous church called as Paraportiani and numerous beaches worth visiting in Mykonos.

There are many other destinations like Crete, Halkidiki, and Zagori etc. worth exploring on your trip to Greece. Greece is one of those countries in the world which cater to every type of tourist be it an ardent lover of history, a beach lover or simply a lover of archaeology and all these factors make Greece one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

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