Top 8 Tourist Places That Put Denmark Tourism


Denmark is known for its sandy beaches bordered by Baltic and the North Sea. Also, Denmark is famous for centuries old forts and remarkable architecture. The food and beer of Denmark are also worth mentioning. Denmark has been a paradise for tourist for decades and here is a list of some of the best Denmark tourist places are. 1. Tivoli Gardens: Tivoli Garden is a second oldest amusement park in the world and was funded in 1843. The place is home to some historic buildings and lush gardens. The amusement park is also known for some of the best rides in Europe. 2. Bakken: Bakken is the world’s oldest amusement park which is around 431 years old. You can choose a ride from 33 roller coasters and many other adventures or you can just choose to relax in any one of the many pub and restaurants in Bakken. 3. Frederiksborg Palace: The Frederiksborg palace was constructed in the 17th century and was home to King Christian IV but is now house to the museum of national history. The tourists come here for the castle and the artwork along with the lush gardens. 4. Skagen Beaches: If you want to enjoy laid-back vacations in Denmark then there is no better place than the Skagen Beaches. The beach is comparatively less crowded than any other beach is Denmark and is also the loveliest of them all. 5. Copenhagen Zoo: If you have a love for animals then Copenhagen Zoo is a must visit. The place is home to more than 3000 animals from over 264 species. The Zoo is also one of those rare zoos who are house to polar bear and the Arctic seals. 6. Louisiana Museum of Modern Art: The one place of which Denmark tourism has been proud of is the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. The museum is known for its remarkable collection of painting and sculptures. The Museum is also open all seven days of the week for tourists. 7. The Blue Planet: The blue planet is Northern Europe’s largest aquarium and is one of those rare aquariums where tourist can experience being underwater and observing the animals. The aquarium is also open all seven days of the week and the admission ticket is of around 170 to 365 Danish Krone. 8. Little Mermaid: On the Harbour of Copenhagen, you will find a statue of the Little Mermaid. The stature came into existence in 1913 and is known for its elite design by the famous Edvard Eriksen. The statue is only 1.25 meters in height but weighs around 175 Kg. Thus, no matter if you are looking out for adventure, or want to experience European art and architecture or simply want to enjoy a vacation with family, Denmark is a place which will not disappoint you at any cost. Denmark tourist places find their place in some of the most visited tourist destinations in the world.



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