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Among many states of Republic India, Maharashtra seems to be a very diverse state which attracts global tourists with ancient temples, mountains, beaches forts, and wineries. One can easily find it all in this wonderful state. Besides these lovely places of great attraction, one can also the cosmopolitan Mumbai, the financial capital of India. Just read on to know some of the wonderful places that are covered in the package tour conducted by Maharashtra Tourism department.

Place of Historical Importance:

  • Ajanta & Ellora Caves: Ajanta and Ellora Caves are located near Aurangabad, North Maharashtra. This historical place has 34 caves at Ellora dating from between the sixth and eleventh centuries AD. Ajanta has 29 caves dating back to between second century BC and sixth century AD. The former caves are well known for their fabulous architecture, while the latter are rich in paintings and sculpture. Undoubtedly these caves promote a great deal of tourism in India.

Adventurous Hill Stations:

  • Alibaug: Being a beach playground of the rich, this place Alibaug can be easily reached by a boat from the famous Gateway of India, in Mumbai. The prime beach with its black sand, near the town center, is very famous and attracts innumerable tourists. Horse and cart rides on the beach seem to be the main attraction.
  • Lonavala & Khandala: These twin hills are a favorite destination located about halfway along the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. The ancient Karla Buddhist Caves, forts, and lakes are the main attractions for the travelers. The Della Adventure Park has been known for many adrenaline pumping activities. Among many tourist places Maharashtra, this hill station is best for relaxation during weekends.

Other great destinations:

  • Mumbai: Known erstwhile as Bombay, Mumbai is the largest city and capital of Maharashtra. This great city is ranked as the fifth most populous city in the world. The modern city we see now is the collection of seven islands which were amalgamated into a single metropolitan city through land reclamation methods done during the 18th century under the British regime. Being a modern city Mumbai promotes an excellent tourism in India.

Being one of the famous cities in the world map, Mumbai offers the tourists many sight-seeing locations. Few of them are listed below:

  • Marine Drive: Officially called as Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Marg, Marine Drive is a three-kilometer  long boulevard that stretched from Nariman Point to Malabar Hills. The inverted C-shaped six lane road is considered to be one of the best landmarks of Mumbai. Tourists can have an excellent birds-eye-view of this great landmark during the night hours from the top of the Malabar Hills.
  • Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya:  Known previously as the ‘Prince of Wales Museum’ of  India, this is one of the top cultural  museums in India. Besides depicting the Indo-Saracenic type of architecture, this museum has a beautiful garden area with towering palm trees. It is a place where kids would get to know about the glorious past of India and other parts of the globe.
  • Elephanta Caves: These famous caves are located on Elephanta Island, which is 1okm far away from the East of Mumbai city. This is considered to be the perfect destination to see historical caves in  less time and with minimum cost.
  • Pune: Well known as the “Oxford of the East”, this cool and wonderful city in Maharashtra is famous for its rich historic culture as well a striking modern ambiance and excellent educational facilities. The green hills and beautiful lakes of Pune surely magnetize the global the visitors.\

Places to visit in Pune:

  • Aga Khan Palace:  This famous place was built in 1892 by Sultan Mohammad Shah Aga Khan III in Pune. Considered as one of the biggest landmarks in Indian history, this place symbolizes the act of charity by the Sultan to the poor people during the famine-hit period.
  • Shivneri Fort: This fort is famous for being the birthplace of great Shivaji. Shivaji was the famous ruler of Maharashtra and this fort in Pune is a well known historical military fortification.
  • Shirdi: This is a tiny town in Maharashtra that is devoted to the holy saint Sai Baba who has educated people about tolerance towards all the world religions and equality of all people. Large numbers of devotees visit this revered and secular pilgrimage place.
  • Ganapatipule: This is a small and lovely village in Konkan coast of Maharashtra. The village has a wide stretch of beautiful sun-kissing beaches and amazing  lush greenery. There are many water sports facilities here. Besides, a famous  Ganpati temple is found near the beach, is worth visiting.
  • Tadoba National Park and Tiger Reserve: This great park is one of the best places to see a tiger in the wild in India. The whole area is covered by teak and bamboo which form  an unusual landscape of uneven cliffs, vast marshes, and captivating lakes. Situated in northeast Maharashtra, Tadoba is around 140 kilometers south of Nagpur. Among the other tourist places Maharashtra, this park attracts people of all ages.
  • Kolhapur: This small city is located on the banks of the Pechanga River and is considered to be the heart of the great Maratha Empire. The place is famous for its historical monuments and cultural heritage of the Marathi community.

Maharashtra State contains a rich cultural heritage and historical significance. Being a prime state in India, Maharashtra has innumerable tourists’ destinations to visit as there are many sightseeing, attractions in this wonderful state. The state-owned Maharashtra Tourism department offers lovely tour packages as per the choice of every traveler who visits the state from all parts of the world.

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